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Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Claims

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All Members , Moderated

Source of TNA logo: TNAwrestling.com

This is the official TNA Claims community. You can claim any past or present wrestler or official of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. All claims are on a first-come first-served basis, and if you delete your journal, your claims will be immediately revoked as soon as I discover it. If you undelete, you will have to reclaim.

You have to join to make claims. Each person is limited to two claims. No exceptions. Even the moderator, kitchkinet, is limited to two claims. People, stables (the stable itself counts as one claim; the wrestlers within the stable, however, are claimed separately), body parts (nothing vulgar), clothes, moves and spots are claimable. You cannot claim the ring, the arenas, company logos or impersonal generic weapons; you can, however, claim personal effects (like Jimmy Hart's megaphone or Team Canada's hockey stick flag, for example).

No flaming or trolling. kitchkinet, as moderator, has the right to delete any posts and/or comments he deems offensive and ban any individual who breaks the rules. Anyone who uses alternate accounts to get around bans will be reported to the LiveJournal Abuse Team.


Petey Williams - kitchkinet
Chris Sabin - lizard_baci
Bobby Roode - lizard_baci
Jeff Hardy - poiple_camo
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels - _jessicajericho
Raven - etoilegyrl
Sabu - originaldiva
Gail Kim - mynameisrizzo
Jerry Lynn - ravensgurl211
Kevin Nash - kora_flair
Alex Shelley - johnny_nitro
Samoa Joe - johnny_nitro
"The Phenomenal" A.J. Styles - ezza2x
Amazing Red - ezza2x
"Monster" Abyss - thexphase
"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown - totallydumbazz

Mike Tenay - eluted

Team Canada - mynameisrizzo
3Live Kru - word_life90
Team 3D - totallydumbazz

Canadian Destroyer - kitchkinet
Swanton Bomb - poiple_camo
Chris Sabin's Springboard Dropkick - eluted
Styles Clash - thexphase

Jerry Lynn's nose - ravensgurl211
Jeff Hardy's painted arms - word_life90