Murderbitch (evilgmbethy) wrote in tna_claims,

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Hello there!

I'd like to claim the Diamonds in the Rough and Christopher Daniels' BME. ^^
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Your claim of the dropkick is brilliant, btw. <3Chris Sabin's dropkick.

Sooooo hard to pick just two claims.
I know! The Tree of Woe Dropkick is lonely and unclaimed!
The Tree of Woe Dropkick is asdlk;fjsdkl;fjasd;fljkasdl;kj
It's more like eoiruwo.,.,2eiutowutrowiope! but who am I to say?
Hahahah. Also, I was sooooo tempted to claim James Mitchell. Bah. Two claims is not enough! But it is fair.
James Mitchell soooo did not accept my friend request on MySpace! >:o
Aww. Yeah, I don't think he's an automatic adder. When I spoke with him in October he went on a rant about myspace and how much it annoyed him, heh.
I think it's cause I called him out about his cane, which is a replica from Dark Shadows, while Dark Shadows is not listed in his favorite TV shows! OMGZ POSEUR. You should ask him about it when next you see him. Be all like, "Isn't that Barnabas' cane?"
Ahahahahah. I totally will. That is, if I remember by Slammiversary, which is the next time I'll be down Florida way.